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About Syntax – Syntax Corporation Indonesia

About Syntax corporation Indonesia

Evolution of Syntax: A Journey from Community Empowerment to a Leading Education and Technology Company"

In 2012, an incredible journey began for Syntax Corporation Indonesia (SCI). At that time, SCI was just the embryo of what would become a significant player in the fields of information technology and education. Initially, SCI was a group of individuals with a strong determination and passion to empower the community through information technology. Their vision was to bring about positive change in society through technological innovation.

The year 2015 marked a crucial turning point in SCI’s history. It was the year Syntax Computama was established, marking the initial step in the company’s grand journey. Syntax Computama focused on education and technology. Its establishment was in compliance with all legal requirements under a notarial act signed by Sri Lestari. This decision reflected the founders’ commitment to deepen their role in empowering the community through education and technology.

With the establishment of Syntax Computama, SCI also opened its first operational office in Cirebon. This office served as their initial base to provide services to the local community and laid the early foundation for SCI’s growth and development as a more mature company. In 2018, SCI made a significant decision. They changed the company’s name to Syntax Corporation Indonesia, reflecting their ambition to expand their reach and influence. Along with the name change, they also opened two additional offices in Cirebon and a new branch in Bandung. This move solidified their presence in the West Java region.

2019 witnessed continued growth for SCI. They began to add new divisions and holdings, creating the foundation for business growth and diversification. The establishment of Syntax Head Office, serving as the company’s headquarters, marked a significant milestone in their organizational structure. The rapid growth of the company continued in 2020. SCI achieved remarkable growth levels, expanding their business into three distinct divisions and having four holdings while opening six additional branches. Under the Syntax Foundation umbrella, they also established six institutions aimed at providing further benefits to the community.

From 2021 to 2023, SCI enjoyed a golden period. They became a limited liability company (PT) with five business varieties (VO LN), managed 21 holdings, owned two private colleges (PTS), and oversaw seven schools or madrasas under the Syntax umbrella. They achieved several impressive milestones and became a major player in the education and technology industry in Indonesia.

Throughout this entire journey, SCI’s primary goal remained unchanged: to create righteous individuals who love their parents, their prophet, and their God. They continued to commit to making a positive impact on society through education and technology, motivating individuals to respect religious values and love for one another. These are strong values that have guided them throughout their journey.

SCI is a tangible testament that strong commitment and determination, especially in the fields of information technology and education, can create an extraordinary positive impact on society. In just a few years, they have passed through many stages of development and continue to grow with the spirit of achieving their noble goals. They serve as an inspiration to many who aspire to pursue their dreams and create positive change in the world.

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